Diode Laser

Diode lasers are primarily used to cut soft tissue. The results are more accurate and less traumatic than procedures with traditional tools such as drills and scalpels. We can use these lasers in many dental procedures such as treating canker sores or lesions. Our diode laser is also used to treat minor periodontal disease cases.

How do diode lasers work?

The laser light beam cuts soft tissue precisely and ablates the tissue and any bacteria or infection. It has several wavelength settings and each setting is used for a different procedure. We have precise control when using the diode laser because each pulse of light only removes a specific number of cell layers within the area of the beam. The laser uses heat to cut the soft tissue which often results in less bleeding and a faster recovery time when compared to traditional tools.

What are the benefits?

Diode lasers help maintain the health of the tissue around the teeth. With laser procedures, patients experience less bleeding, faster healing times, and less discomfort. When it is on a low power setting, the laser can be used during cleanings to kill disease-causing bacteria. There is no need for sutures which also improves healing time.