Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth the Money? 

December 13, 2017 | Mint Dental Works

The toothbrush has come a long way in recent decades, but even ancient cultures knew it was important to take good care of your teeth. Around 5,000 years ago, people used a thin twig with a frayed end to keep their teeth clean.  As civilization grew, toothbrushes were made out of bone or wood handles topped with stiff bristles of animal hair. Fortunately, we have much more appealing modern-day options, and by far, one of the best choices is the electric toothbrush.


Amazing Teeth and Gums

While it’s true that electric toothbrushes are more expensive than conventional ones, our hygienists can tell when patients are using electric toothbrushes because their gums look healthier. What makes the difference?  For one thing, an electric toothbrush can cover a lot more surface area in record time. Manual brushing clocks in at about 200 to 300 strokes per minute, while an electric toothbrush averages 30,000 strokes per minute. That’s pretty impressive!


Electric oscillating toothbrushes are great at removing the film on your teeth that leads to cavities, and sonic toothbrushes penetrate below the gum line to break up deep bacteria and reduce inflammation. And both kinds of power toothbrushes can improve sensitivity and remove stains on teeth. But don’t just take our word for it. The Cochrane organization reviewed 56 studies from 2014 and found that people who switched to electric toothbrushes for three months had 21 percent less dental plaque and 11 percent less gingivitis (gum inflammation).


Did you know the recommended amount of time to brush your teeth is a full two minutes? We know how easy it is to rush through brushing your teeth when you’re racing out the door or simply tired after a long day. But electric toothbrushes can help with that too. Many have a built-in timer to let you know you’ve hit the critical two-minute mark. In addition, power toothbrushes are gentle on teeth and some include a pressure indicator light to tell you if you’re brushing too hard.


Ideal for Special Circumstances

People with braces can particularly benefit from electric toothbrushes because they can clean in and around metal parts. This prevents the white “boxes” where the metal brackets are that can show up after the braces are removed. Electric toothbrushes are especially useful for patients with dexterity issues or arthritis too, as they help make sure you’re getting into the nooks and crannies where plaque can form.


Our Gift to You

Are you convinced about the benefits of power toothbrushes but concerned about the financial investment? During this holiday season, our office wants to extend the gift of healthy teeth and gums to you.  Simply mention this blog post and our new and existing patients can receive a $20 discount on our professional grade Oral-B toothbrushes throughout December!  We know you’ll love the difference an electric toothbrush makes, and it will help you start the New Year right!